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ableton live 8!

Ableton Live 8 Boxart
Another year, another Ableton Live update! Version 8 is around the corner and it looks like Ableton is about to be pioneering the scene again. The combining of tracks to reclaim screen real estate is a feature I am wanting for a long time as big projects clutter up my screen and now I can combine my drums. Also, warping is now a matter of dragging the loop to fit the timeline rather than the other way around (hooray!) and a new time stretching algorithm based on elastique Pro has been added.

The german dudes also added a groove browser with drag and drop, a vocoder, 3-band compressor, a brick-wall limiter, new overdrive, frequency shifter and looper!

And last but certainly not least, there are the casual workflow enhancement things to make your live easier like cross fading, zooming of the user interface and the editing of multiple parameters at the same time.

But the thing I am most excited about is the Ableton Cycling’74 collaboration! It is announced as Max for Live and is a Max integrated into Live. That means everybody can make devices for Live now! There already is an extensive library of ready made (and editable!) devices coming in the package. I don’t have any experience in Max MSP so I find it difficult to see the whole scope of it but I’m reading up on it to be prepared. Wonder what it will cost.