I'm guido, a guy wo is interested in music (making), playing games and anything tech. But a pro at none. I started this blog to write about anything thats occupying my mind at the time and post the occasional track (if I ever complete one).

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Mike E

One of the manufacturers of hardware that recently took my attention was Emperical Labs. Because the studio where I work has two Distressors per set and I immediately fell in love with the units. Nothing beats these units in terms of versatility and phat sound. Now not long ago Emperical Labs released a new product called the Mike E. This is a mic pre-amplifier, wich Emperical Labs claims, has a signal to noise ratio of over 130db!

PSP sQuad!

PSP_ClassicQ smallPSP_ConsoleQ smallPSP_preQursor smallPSP_RetroQ small
Its getting harder and harder trying to keep track of all the plugs I love in my blog just because there are so much. I noticed PSP Audio ware, which has to be one of my favorite plug creators, released a new pack of 4 “classic” sounding eq’s. The pack covers all our needs for tracking, tweaking and mix-down and judging from a quick test-drive with the demo these sound great. Read More...


How could I have missed this one! It apparently was announced last year november but I totally missed it. Being a fan of the other two compressors of FMR Audio I need to have it!

incredible new GU release

The former Underworld hero mixed together a hell of an album which I find retro and refreshing at the same time. Disk 1 is amazing and the killer tracks are: Out With a Bang from Einzelkind, Shelley’s from Journey Man DJ, Home from Darren himself, counter clock 319 by Josh Wink and Impact by Darren but both discs are awesome and I got it spinning in my ipod for a couple of days non stop now. I find it amazing how the global underground series keep surprising and inspiring me.

fabfilter family gets a new twin

The Twin synthesizer from Fabfilter got a rework in which they totally reshuffled the interface. I don’t know if I like it better than the old one yet but I like the color palette and it seems simpler. I really liked the sound of the old one and am sure this one will sound even better. You can test drive the whole amazing Fabfilter range for free 30 days.

iLife 09 hit the streets

iLife 09 & iWork 09
A few days ago (27th of february) Apple released the highly anticipated update to iLife with the magic numbers 09. iWork was already available at the Apple website to test-drive and I must say this is an excellent package which is ready to compete with office for mac.

I’m now waiting for my iLife 09 delivery and am very curious to see if the face recognition in iPhoto works as advertised. I would like to see that it would clean up the mess that is roughly 3000 unsorted photos on my hard-drive without me doing anything. I am so lazy.

incredible filter synth gets a sequel

The synth with the incredible filters gets a sequel as G-Force previewed Imposcar 2 at namm 2009. This happens to be one of my favorite software synthesizers as its sound is very characteristic and the filters will make your ears bleed! There are some videos on the G-Force website which shows the new features and it looks promising.

ableton live 8!

Ableton Live 8 Boxart
Another year, another Ableton Live update! Version 8 is around the corner and it looks like Ableton is about to be pioneering the scene again. The combining of tracks to reclaim screen real estate is a feature I am wanting for a long time as big projects clutter up my screen and now I can combine my drums. Also, warping is now a matter of dragging the loop to fit the timeline rather than the other way around (hooray!) and a new time stretching algorithm based on elastique Pro has been added.

The german dudes also added a groove browser with drag and drop, a vocoder, 3-band compressor, a brick-wall limiter, new overdrive, frequency shifter and looper!

And last but certainly not least, there are the casual workflow enhancement things to make your live easier like cross fading, zooming of the user interface and the editing of multiple parameters at the same time.

But the thing I am most excited about is the Ableton Cycling’74 collaboration! It is announced as Max for Live and is a Max integrated into Live. That means everybody can make devices for Live now! There already is an extensive library of ready made (and editable!) devices coming in the package. I don’t have any experience in Max MSP so I find it difficult to see the whole scope of it but I’m reading up on it to be prepared. Wonder what it will cost.

big brother of rough rider released

Audiodamage released a multiband version of their excellent single band compressor RoughRider called RoughRider Pro and it only costs 49 dollar. For some serious non subtle pumping action!

Don’t worry, that should sound weird if you don’t know what a compressor really is. :)

Low Noise, Ultra Low Noise, High Fidelity and Auto Reverse. If these are terms wich you used to show off then you should defenately check it. Retro coolness.

environment friendly synth

The global warming virus seems to be getting grip too on the makers of MicroTonic as the new synth from Sonic Charge is called Synplant.

No not really, but this is a remarkable little synth anyway. By dropping all the conventional parameters found on any synth today (and yesterday) Sonic Charge have created a synth in wich you’ll have to use your ears in order to make it sound cool.

I haven’t got the chance to listen to it yet as my soundcard is broken (still) but I think everyone producing music should at least test-drive it as the concept is new, unconventional and refreshing. Maybe other developers should follow this lead and put more effort in creating something original.

It costs 89 dollar and if u already own MicroTonic (wich you should) there is a nice discount waiting for you. Enjoy!

Now bring on the hardware version to put in my livingroom!

kraak en smaak

Recently I went to see a gig of dutch band “Kraak en Smaak”. The band is an interesting crossover between a traditional band and an electronic live act and this has to be one of the cooler ones around to say the least. The band consists of a DJ, vocalist, drummer, (bass)guitarist and keyboard player. The tracks sound big, fresh, original and just like something new!

back to work...

I apologize that I didn’t do much with the former website and after people asked me what my plans were with it anyway I decided to pull the plug. Out with the old and in with the new! With the new website I hope to have some music up anytime soon so watch this space!